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Mary leads the nanny agency Napa County, Traditions TLC team and works as the office assistant to insure we can provide the best care possible for your position. Mary has been providing the best, entry level, professional nanny care since 2011 and still works in the field as an entry level professional nanny assistant, answering the office phone as our receptionist. Mary also helps our team with tech support when needed. She has been part of a cheer team where she learned her impeccable team player skills, loves learning, developing and has an active curiosity for the tech industry. She has a special place in her life for her dog (Elmo), loves to hang out with her friends to socialize and is a huge asset to our team. She is excited to learn and help grow the company into developmental phases of product discovery and learning improvements for kids, brought on by nanny agency Napa County, Traditions TLC’s team meetings of shared insights.

Nanny agency Napa County, Traditions TLC’s team is made up of a unique blend of executive nannies. Our office values professional nannies and we insist all executive nannies working on our team have professional in-home work experience and care. Our offices are ran by local nannies who serve Bay Area and L.A, who are the best and most committed, career oriented nannies who have made caring for families their professional passion and life long path. The team not only focuses on providing care themselves to families in their area. But they also act as an executive by helping families needing help with screening and interviewing other candidate nannies, for part-time and full-time placements. If you are looking for a nanny, you have come to the right place. You will be greeted by a professional nanny anytime you visit us at nanny agency Napa County, Traditions TLC, the minute you call to schedule an appointment for our services!Please check out our social media presence by clicking each one below.


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